I feel sad for the people behind the .berlin top level domain because there is people behind the proposal of the .berlin new domain.

I cannot say the same about the .bcn domain. It was just one more of the ideas from the City Council without regard to the opinion of people from Barcelona (they are Barcelona, I imagine is their thought) In Barcelona not only there was no interest in the .bcn. There was opposition. Peope were afraid it could debilitate the .cat domain.

Quite surprisingly, it is now the US Commerce Department who is raising concerns about the expansion of new tld domains.

My experience on the Internet is that it is a place for chaos, So the less chaos the best.

So, if new tld do not come soon as it seemed then in Barcelona we just should be happy we have the .cat domain.

But then why should the Berliners do not have the .berlin?

Maybe the answer is to do the things step by step. Just give only one domain to a city and see what happens. In that casy I imagine the city should be BERLIN.

I wonder what to do now with my … maybe I could do a website about utopic projects related to Barcelona city …


One response to “GOODBYE TO .BCN, .NYC, .BERLIN, …?

  1. I set up a category for your blog on, please register.

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