DOTBCN wants to be a think tank about the dangers of Internet. Dangers for our health, etc.

I find that much more interesting that whether Barcelona gets the .bcn tld domain …


One response to “DOTBCN, A NEW THINK TANK …

  1. In some months or years, some city will be the first to have its own domain. I imagine that would be quite good for the city and it would be even better if that means something to the city and to the outside world.
    I say that, because, the Catalan language has been the first language to have its own domain ( .cat) and I wonder if that means much worldwide …

    Anyway, when you read about cities wanting to have a tld you always come accross Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, New York City and now also Barcelona.

    I just wonder if that is the right way. I think that maybe Internet is becoming each day less simple and I do not see that can be better.

    But anyway, let’s imagine we already have one of these domains. I will imagine, as I am in Barcelona, there is a .bcn domain. What could I do?

    I imagine one thing would be to register a domain, for example,, so that I would have as email, for example,

    That can be a good idea but as I may not live forever in Barcelona it just could mean a sentimental attachment to the city.
    Let’s imagine I have to visit websites ending in .nyc.
    I could visit,,,

    to be continued …

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