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In some months ICANN will decide about the creation of new top level domains. One of these domains to consider will be .bcn. The City Council of Barcelona is the one who will try to opt for this domain …

.. but … just the City Council of Barcelona?

No one else …?

DOTBCN could try to opt for it too …

Let me explain. Imagine a trade mark called DOTBCN. It will have the prestige of Barcelona. Imagine that trade mark even having its own domain: .BCN …


Would that not be great?

What I mean is that .BCN instead of being the domain of the City Council it could be the domain of a private trade mark.

As it is obvoius the .bcn does not receive much support from people from Barcelona. Just the opposite. There are fears that the .bcn domain could bring shadow to the .cat domain. And what is worse, that shadow would be brought through public money.

But a private .bcn would be the opposite. It would bring prestige to Barcelona and no public money would be spent. Being a private domain the .cat won’t be theaten at all. .BCN would just be a prestigious trade mark.

A .bcn brought by the City Council can only bring disputes as it needs public money and it may seem a way to bring shadow to the .cat. A private .bcn will just bring prestigious to the city.

People from Barcelona could say: ” Barcelona is so trendy that a trade mark has bought the .bcn domain just to take advantage of the image of Barcelona. So Barcelona is one of the few cities of the world having a top level domain just because it is atrendy city” The capital of Catalonia could be proud of that and the rest of Catalonia too.

On the other hand if the .bcn is given to the City Council you create a politics problem as suspicious arise behind a .bcn public domain when we just got the .cat domain. It is not my imagination. Currently I see no support for the .bcn domain and there are people against it ( )

If it sounds crazy what I am saying, just look at NYC. They have two webpages: and

Anyway, if this idea of mine does not bring any support I just may give up the domains such as to the City Council. Although they may prefer a or for their iniciative.

Let me end, however, by saying that a private .bcn could also have disadvantages. It is quite interesting to read , a faq for the .nyc.


One response to “DOTBCN

  1. In some weeks or months more will be talked about city top level domains. Some small cities could see in a top level domain a way to promote themselves. Any prestigious city may see the need to have its own domain. We may even see domains as, for example, for a .sitges domain supportive website.

    In some way I feel happy the Barcelona is known in the tld city circles for wishing to obtain the .bcn domain. This has happen because the City Council has expressed its support for it.

    The weird thing is that important websites point to my domain . I have made clear in the homepage I have nothing to do with the City Council proposal.

    Neverhteless, it may happen that the City Council wants my website to promote the .bcn domain.

    But I do not know. People from abroad may find a perfect website for that goal. Its name is easy and international, like On the other hand, a domain like may not be so preferred by the international community but it shows to the world what we are and what we have: in Catalan we say punt for dot and we have the Catalan domain .cat.

    There is politics behind a decision to choose a or domain. I think that the best would be that both domains could be chosen for the same proposal.

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