For some months ago I’ve been reading about the .bcn domain and one thing is clear to me. The idea comes from the townhall of Barcelona and not great social support is behind the .bcn. Moreover, I just read people against the .bcn domain because they see it a danger for the .cat domain.

So, I’ve been thinking about the subject and my thoughts have changed a bit. I think that the .bcn should exist as Barcelona city exists BUT … why should the townhall pay for that?

I have .cat domains and the government of Catalonia is not behind them. Just a foundation. So, why should the capital of Catalonia pay money for a .bcn domain?

I thing that a .bcn would be great when it comes from the people of Barcelona but not from the townhall.

Anyway, whatever happens, one thing is clear to me: the domain .cat will be one of the best domains one can have. Much beautiful than .bcn. A lot of people around the world know what a cat is. Few know what a bcn can be …

Here a give you a link to a comment in Catalan and mostly in Spanish about the ideology behind the .bcn …:



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