Welcome to this private website about the still non-existent tld domain .bcn.

I just would like dotbcn.wordpress.com to be a place to comment about the new world that new tld domains may bring. I would be happy to know from other places or other people who have other tld domains on mind or just have something to say.

Cheers from Barcelona


5 responses to “ENGLISH CORNER

  1. Well, well, well, … Strange as it may seems this blog of http://www.dotbcn.com is receiving attention from abroad! It is obvious that the townhall did not have the wit to register a similar domain for the purpose of boasting the .bcn domain. Nor had it any intention, it seems, to share its views to readers of this blog.

    Anyway, besides the people from http://www.dotberlin.com who know about this website I have already noticed websites which write about the .bcn domain and also about the domains http://www.dotbcn.com, http://www.puntbcn.com and http://www.puntobcn.com . The owner of http://www.trixi.com and http://www.bicicleta.es seems to be behind the comments about my websites.

    I am afraid that I may lose this domains but I am used to this kind od sad happenings.

    Anyway, I believe in a .bcn that is not property of the townhall so I find it is good to have this domains to talk about these domains. Is that a crime?

  2. I cannot believe it! While this domain ( http://www.dotbcn.com ) is not receiving much attention from Barcelona it is already receiving attention from some of the most important websites related to city tlds!
    So if you go to http://www.dotberlin.com you will see a link to this website!
    Or if you go to http://www.citytld.com you also will find a reference to this website.
    This is a private website. The current goal of this website is to promote debate about the .bcn domain. At the moment, the townhall of Barcelona ( http://www.bcn.cat ) is the one who will asked for the .bcn domain. This is in contrast with, for example, the .berlin where it is a private iniciative.

    As Barcelona is the capital of the Catalan culture and we already have a .cat domain it is not strange that the .bcn does not receive much attention here.

    I imagine that at some point the townhall will register a domain to explain to the world the .bcn .

    I wonder which domain will they register for that ( http://www.dotbcn.net maybe? ) Anyway,
    I insist that this is a private domain that has no connection with the townhall and that would like a .bcn administered by a foundation and not the townhall.

  3. I just have decided to put aside this blog from the domains http://www.dotbcn.com, http://www.puntbcn.com, http://www.puntobcn.com .
    Those domains may not be mine quite soon so I just keep this blog to talk about the .bcn domain. My intention is that those domains are kept by a foundation for the .bcn domain.

  4. .nyc is obvious it would be a domain for New York. .berlin for Berlin.
    But how many people know that bcn means Barcelona?
    I say that because in Catalonia there are people against the .bcn domain as they see a way to hide the cat, I mean, the .cat.
    I understand these people and I am not so sure that a .bcn is good. Besides it is a project from the townhall, qite different from the .cat.

    So I have the following idea: If Barcelona chooses .bcn for its domain it will need ads everywhere so people around the world know that .bcn is the domain of Barcelona.

    So, why not to just choose the .cat also for Barcelona?

    cat means cat in English and is easy to remember! And is beautiful! Why not to use .cat to let Barcelona be known?

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